An Update.

I’m currently reading “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley. And by reading I mean dawdling through four pages a day, once a week, almost out of obligation.

I’m keen on improving my writing skills. As the title suggests, everybody writes – everybody tweets, everybody posts on Facebook, everybody has a blog. When publishing content is so accessible, it’s great for those who are struggling with something they think they’re alone with (thank you Tumblr), but as a brand-making tool, it floods the e-universe with a ton of garbage. Writing better will help me stand out in that mess (but more importantly, it will add greater value to my consulting reports at work).

Anyway, in the 16 pages or so that I’ve read, I’ve learned that writing is like a muscle that you build – it’s not true that all writers are naturally gifted. Writing every day is like going to the mental gym.

So here I am, forcing out a blog post, but also putting it in writing that I should be writing more.

I intended on blogging a few days ago on the issue of Rachel Dolezal and how I’ve personally struggled to put into words why it’s complete bullshit to compare her to Caitlyn Jenner (another benefit to writing is that it forces you to articulate your thoughts in a communicable form). It really comes down to one being a genetic identification and the other being a self-deluded cultural identification.

Anyway, it’s 1:17am and I’m tired. Or I’ve inhaled too much nail polish.

One more day til the weekend – perhaps I’ll update more meaningful things then.


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