It’s Getting Easier

It’s been three months and a bit since I first came out and it really has been getting easier. I was chatting with Eight about a celebrity crush* I had and it felt like the weirdest thing gushing about someone of the same sex in a romantic way without having to disguise it as a “girlcrush” (one of my top ten least favourite words).

* not Kristen Stewart

I’m getting more comfortable in my own skin and instead of deflecting advances from girls, I flirt back. Before, I would’ve shied away. Last night I was dancing closely with a girl but in the last minute I decided to just walk away because it wouldn’t have gone anywhere – her boyfriend was there and I wasn’t particularly attracted to her. Mind you, she was physically attractive, but I feel like that’s not my type anymore – I’m far more attracted to people that interest me with their interests, personalities, passions… They keep me on my toes. I’m getting sidetracked.

The moral of this post is that it feels I’m normalizing (to myself) my attraction to women. Instead of it being a taboo thing, I’m getting the fun and games of a heterosexual pursuit minus the fear of being recognized or outed. Because fuck ’em.

I guess in addition to it being easier to accept myself, of equal value is that it gets easier saying fuck ’em.


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