I’m envious of people who can write out their thoughts so effortlessly and tell such a vivid and captivating story. is an amazing blog that held me hostage til 2am the other night.

I’m not sure if I love it for the type of content or just how she writes herself into such a vulnerable and honest state. Brittany is an absolutely brilliant writer and the Buzzfeed videos she writes (and writes herself into) are some of the greatest they have to offer. I think I have a demi-celebrity crush. Or it’s a case of “do I want to be her vs. do I want to be with her”.

I just tried to refresh my memory by re-reading her blog and oh god I came across the part where she used to (still does?) listen to Nine Inch Nails help me I’m falling in love Despite how goddamn long and blocky her posts are, I’m captivated by every sentence. How is it humanely possible for someone to be so interesting? (Sidenote: that’s genuinely the deepest compliment I’ll ever give someone – that they’re interesting. …I think it’s sexy, but that girl I drunk-texted from Plenty of Fish didn’t).

If it helps at all, I’m an INFJ. Empathy is the chink in my armour and people opening up is my achilles heel. I’m pretty sure my brain went haywire the first time I heard a self-deprecating joke (probably from Tina Fey or Amy Poehler) – “YOU’RE LETTING YOUR WALLS DOWN TO ME BUT IT`S SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE BECAUSE YOU’RE ALSO BEING FUNNY???

I love when people talk about their failures. Not because I’m a schadenfreude, but because I think there’s something incredibly attractive and confident about letting yourself be vulnerable.

I’m pretty sure I have a thing for deeply insecure/guarded girls. What a recipe for disaster.


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