She Came with Lucifer

I crashed on my newly-bought Queen bed hard last night at 2am. It was an early night back from my friend’s Halloween party (we never made it to the bar) but in true too-drunk-to-sleep tradition, I lay in bed watching Youtube videos til I was no longer able to fight off sleep. This was in my subscriptions and it was so fitting, it hurt:

Here’s what happened:

I met a girl at the party last night (yup, that’s how we’re starting). She was Robin Hood (or Peter Pan?). I was undead, part of a 6-pack of #Squadghouls.

She looked oddly familiar. There weren’t too many new people (girls) at the party – I counted two – so she caught my drunken eye pretty quick. She was hanging with Lucifer for most of the night (were they an item? I’m 75% sure they were… or maybe they were just friends???). I managed to meander into their group, half of which comprised friendly faces – my friends were the majority of partygoers so it wasn’t hard at all. Also I have a tendency to be louder and more sociable when I’ve had a bit of alcohol in me. (People who think I’m a social butterfly are in for a let-downnn!!!)

My gaydar was going off on her. The more she talked (the way she talked, her tone, her interests, habits, etc.) the more it went off – but even then I was still hesitant because up to that point I was sure Lucifer was her boyfriend. (Side question: if a girl likes to sip whiskey on the rocks, that’s pretty gay, right?)

I went over to the computer to pull up a couple of songs. As I was scrolling down 102.1 the Edge’s playlist for inspiration, she came over and I asked for suggestions. She said “Oh man, all my songs are depressing”. I prompted her “Dude, I love depressing songs! Drunk me loves the bangers but sober me is all about the depressing songs”. I only wish I recalled what she suggested, but then she did point out Naveed by Our Lady Peace that was on the Recently Played list (*heart flutters*). I quipped “Oh man that is pretty depressing! But even better is 4am. Such a good song.”

The night winded down and it was the few of us at the end. As Lucifer left, so did she. Drunkenly, I asked, “S-so how did you… Who did you know?”. She came with Lucifer, who knew one of our friends.

“So what’s your name?”

Her name was Robin.

She tossed me a plastic knife that was part of her outfit and left. I lingered for 30 more minutes or so with the knife in my hand, sulking on the inside and wondering if I was reading her right. I should’ve been more emotionally invested in this person and gone on my curiosity. I shouldn’t have fronted. A small seed of regret was planted. Next time...

Uber was surging, so I hailed a cab outside. After telling the driver my address, I realized I had dropped the knife.

Maybe it was for the better.


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