I Should Go.

One of my highschool friends who came out after high school invited me to a panel+networking event on the topic of women speaking up in the workplace. Being a huge fan of Lean In and women-empowering events, I would usually click “Attend” in a heartbeat.

But this one was hosted by Out on Bay Street – an LGBT organization – an featured gay women.

Since receiving the invite last week, I’d been hesitant to do anything. I was interested, but didn’t want to click Facebook’s new “Interested” button at the fear of somebody in the 905 (my hometown region) seeing, let alone my mom (who would most definitely see). If I break down this scenario, it’s a no-brainer. I should get over myself and go.

But at this point, it still feels like I’d be coming out to everyone in the room.

What if somebody asks me my sexuality? I still can’t say it with ease.


I wrote the above two days ago. Tonight was the night of the event. I did not go.


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