Going it alone


I went to a Slow Magic show last Thursday. I’d been gunning on it with a few friends for months – we were blown away by his energy at Wayhome and heard he was even more awesome in a dark room, where his mask would light up in a kaleidoscope of neon colours.

All three of them ended up flopping.

It’s somewhat hard to blame them – two lived/worked in Mississauga (an outer ‘burb of Toronto) and one stayed late at the office. I was left with the choice: to go or not to go?

I’d gone to a concert alone once before – Lowell was playing at a small venue near my place, and again, a friend of mine flopped on the day of. It took a bit of convincing on her part to get me to go alone (she’s done it before in Paris; it’s something that’d been on my bucket list but… well it’s there for a reason, right?). I was terrified. But when I finally pulled myself out to the show, I was nervous, a little socially conscientious and I relied heavily on my phone to keep me company (something I regret and have learned not to do).

Having done it once,  I decided not to let the decisions of others influence my own. I went, and had a great time. (Note: it was a very diverse crowd – I stood besides lesbians (they were at least bisexual per my gaydar), a gaggle of university girls, and later on, a wave of Asians.)

I need to start doing more things on my own. Sure it can be a social thing, but going to a concert doesn’t have to be with somebody. I’ve yet to eat at a restaurant alone, nor seen a play/musical/movie, but I’m certainly more open to the idea now.

Sidenote, I’ve started making my Resolutions for 2016:

  1. Tardiness is selfish. Don’t be late.
  2. Don’t say “I don’t know” unless you really don’t know. Even then, can you fucking Google it?
  3. Speak with more authority. Don’t end your sentences on high, whiney, bitchy tones.
  4. Quit your job.
  5. Come out to your family.

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