Out on Bay Street

A few posts back, I blogged about an event that I wanted to attend held by Out on Bay Street. It would’ve been the first event in my professional life to overlap with my personal… but I pussied out and took the first lame excuse I could think of (“I’m tired”).

A second chance came and running off the regret of not going to the last, I promised myself I’d go. Up til the last minute I was worried I’d end up passing on it again. But this time I had someone to hold me accountable – the same one who introduced me to the organization the first time, and a highschool friend to whom I came out this summer.

Unlike the one I pussied out on, which was a women’s speaker series, this was open to all LGBT professionals. And being a networking event, I can’t say I was surprised that it was a SAUSAGE FEST.

But interestingly, 5 seconds in, I bumped into someone from a nonprofit I’m with. We had a good alcohol-infused chat after I corrected his thinking I was an ally. It was lovely.

It got a bit awkward at times as the number of gay men was overwhelming, but my highschool friend let me cling onto him for dear life and he introduced me to his gay crew. I actually had a ton of fun, which I didn’t expect. One of his darling friends was relentlessly trying to set me up with his roommate (who wasn’t able to make it out).

I’ll be sure to keep my calendar synced with Out On Bay Street’s events. I’d also like to meet more women next time (/obviously). But at least I can close 2015 having gone to an LGBT event (and a networking one nonetheless!).


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