The Highlight of 2015

I knew almost immediately what I was going to say. When it came to my turn, I looked around my circle of highschool friends who had united for New Year’s Eve. “My highlight of 2015 is… coming out.”

Some knew. Only a few didn’t.

“You-.. You were coming out!? You came out!?” the straight boy beside me blurted out. “Then why did I sit myself here!?”

There was little hesitation that that was the highlight of my 2015. It opened the floodgates to a lot of critical self-evaluation and understanding, which ultimately explained why I acted a certain way and had built walls where there shouldn’t be.

Because of that, I grew a lot in 2015. I feel like it was the year I recalibrated to the world with my “new” identity – I reevaluated where and how I fit, my social groups, and what I wanted in life. Most importantly, I feel I had less to hide, and this ultimately gave me more confidence. I no longer had to be scared that “someone would get too close” and “find out”. And I wasn’t just scared of them knowing the truth – I was equally, if not more, scared of having to confront the truth about myself with them.

In 2015 I also:

  • Traveled alone and visited New York city, both for the first time.
  • Had our first family vacation in a long time to LA.
  • Went on a legitimate date (although it didn’t end well! It made for a good story.)
  • Went to an LGBT professional networking event.

Coming out and all its consequential experiences overshadowed any vacation I took. Not much progress was made with my career, and understandably so – I essentially put my career (and everything else) on hold this year to deal with coming out. No regrets.

So what does 2016 hold in store for me?

I see it as being a year of more growth. 2015 set the foundation for my identity and this year will involve further refining myself and building myself in that direction.

I will also grow career-wise. I’m planning on sending in my two-weeks notice mid-February, ensuring that I am unemployed March and April. The first month I’ll spend doing whatever I want, may it be travelling, bumming around, with only one goal: to enjoy my freedom. April I’ll be recuperating from whatever I did in March and expanding my professional network with informational interviews and setting the stage for when I complete my certificate after August. From May to August, I’ll be taking a fast-track course in big data analytics.

This is the plan for 2016.

These are the goals:

  1. End the year employed at a medium/big company.
  2. Make waves with my nonprofit’s women leadership division. Get involved with a tech/data themed women’s leadership initiative.
  3. Be in a relationship with someone.
  4. And all the while, be happy.

My New Year’s resolutions are more dependent on discipline: Not saying “I don’t know” unless I truly don’t know (and even then, I should Google it because it’s 2015 and I have unlimited data); Speaking with more authority in my voice; Not being late because tardiness is selfish and; Cutting out toxic people in my life.

I’m optimistic about 2016. Let’s do it.

[Currently Listening to: Ingrid Michaelson – Everyone is Gonna Love Me Now]


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