Just over a year ago, I was headhunted by a search agency. I met with the recruiter at her office and she left the room for me to fill out my professional profile to keep in their records.

Right after “Ethnicity”, “Sexual Orientation” came up and I froze for a long time (this was before I’d come out). My head buzzed with indecision – I was well aware large corporations tended to lean towards hiring minorities at the behest of HR prodding them with shiny Corporate Social Responsibility badges.

But I hastily checked off “straight”.

Fast-forward to tonight (and the reason for this emergency post). I was speeding through an online registration form for Out on Bay Street – basically on auto-pilot – and before it even registered in my brain:


Holy shit.

This is a fucking milestone.

It doesn’t look like a lot, but in contrast to a year ago (and on auto-pilot, too!), this is progress. This is pride.


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