Today was a good day.

Today was a good day.

I stayed winning.

  1. I nailed my final exam while everyone else came out crying. I was one of three people who got to and worked out the final answer. Strong arm emoji.
  2. I hit a grand slam (???) at softball today. I was one of very few on our team who had ever done so. An impressive feat for anyone, and even more so for a girl. Strong arm emoji.
  3. I finally found and bought Albert Camus’ The Outsider (aka The Stranger) at a second hand bookstore, followed by a quick drop to the record store where I got Xenia Rubinos tickets. I plan on spending tomorrow in the sun reading this book. Sunglasses emoji.
  4. I had some micro-moments throughout the day whereupon I realized how dope I am. Strong arm emoji.

Today was simple, but it was a good day.


On that note, today was the last day of my summer course. I am free, until I begin my job hunt but I plan on taking my time with that.

For now, I plan on doing me. i.e. I plan on drinking away the next four days (nights). Thurs: ultimate frisbee followed by shooting the shit over a couple beers with a friend; Fri: End-of-course party at mine which will probably end up at the Maddie; Sat: Dance party at a friend’s (a friend’s girlfriend is hosting, so I’m hoping to meet new people here); Sun: A friend is having an EP release party.

I’m excited.

It will be a good weekend and an excellent bang to start August off with.

Strong arm emoji.



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