In exile

I don’t know what it is but in the past two or so months, “condemned” characters have been playing a bigger role in my life. Last week, I finally got to meet someone who’d been “exiled” from the gaysian group. Given that C, F, and some others really seemed to like her, I’d been predisposed to liking her before actually meeting her. My gut feeling was right.

Since F and I let our walls down, I reciprocated her enthusiasm for meeting this girl. After one failed attempt, I finally got to meet her with F at an Out on Bay Street women’s speaker series event. Turns out she knows the organizer whom I’ve thought for a while was attractive, . We hit it off pretty well and it being open bar didn’t hurt. She was noticeably touchy, but it seems that’s just the type of person she is.

She made for good company and it was a good night over all. I let her in a little bit on my life this year, thus far (as documented by this blog, there’s no way I can fit my 2016 stories into anything less than a week’s worth of hanging out). But I did squeeze in my brush with anxiety (see posts from July), my dad being hard to read, me meeting Gaysians, and my other friend who’d been exiled.

I liked her spontaneity when we passed by a record store and either F or I commented “we should go here sometime”, and she said “let’s go now!”.

A few days later, we were texting and before you know it, I was going with her to the Christmas market down by the Distillery District. She was with a friend visiting from Waterloo, but it didn’t hit me until an hour later that I could’ve possibly been third-wheeling – the other friend mentioned AfterEllen and Autostraddle (flags don’t come in any redder hues) but she wasn’t her type (Asian?) from what I’d heard. I had to text her to make sure, and it turned out the other girl was 1.) 26 years old, and 2.) has a girlfriend.

Her friend ended up missing her bus to Waterloo and was deeply, visibly bummed by this. I tried distracting her friend with a story but I wasn’t sure if she was biting. That’s when she butt in subtly gently to console her friend. So either she’s acutely aware of other people’s feelings or she’s known her friend for a long time and is sensitive to her feelings. I was impressed, and added to the consoling, which worked by the brightening look on her friend’s face.

She’s a good time and her indirect separation from the other Gaysians makes me happy. I don’t like having everyone in one massive group – it seems to get messy. I suspect she’ll be a recurring character.



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