Beauty in sadness.

I could be wrong.

But it bothers me that (I think) she sees sadness as a hindrance.

I could be wrong about her thinking this.

But I find the ability to appreciate sadness and melancholy beautiful. Without romanticizing depression, there’s a complexity to these emotions that takes real ingenuity to be able to portray in art – whether in musical or visual form. When done well, oh it’s so beautiful. The quiet of a piece that speaks so loudly.

I don’t think I can fall in love with someone who cannot appreciate that.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Recently, I’ve been coming back to a conversation I’ve had with YOLObro. We’re both fairly straight forward, pure-hearted types who wear our hearts on our sleeves – we don’t play games and we fall head first into emotions. We bonded over that… but at one point he painted it in a negative light.

We noted “the game” that people play – playing “hard to get”.

We agreed it’s a psychological trick that makes someone want something more – we want something more when we know we can’t have it.

We agreed neither of us bothered with these games.

But he took it one step further and said “but that’s why people who play these games “get the girl””. I couldn’t disagree – I’ve been fighting it for a long time but it seems that way and there must be a reason why being slow and straight-up hasn’t worked for me thus far.

Do I have to resort to taking advantage of human psychology to get the one I want?

How troublesome.


This has been a 2am stream-of-consciousness post.


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